I started my education in the pet industry twenty years ago and the majority of my training and experience has been in nutrition. The most important thing I learned is it's not just kibble folks, and what goes in must come out!  I'm afraid to say (and I hope this isn't on my gravestone) I can look at that pile and know what you're feeding your pet!


I have watched pet food change so much over the years. We have figured out that pets need to go back to their roots of a meat based diet.  I have chosen the finest pet foods available so my customers can be sure that their pet is getting the best nutrition possible.  My choices are based on many factors. The food must be human grade and natural with ingredients that were made in the USA.  The manufacturers I do business with must be ethical and honest. We provide many different meat sources because all pets are individual and what works for one may not work for another.


Nutrition plays a huge role in the life of your pet. I have always felt that if the liver and kidneys don't have to work so hard to detoxify chemical, dyes, and undigestible ingredients our pets can have a longer healthier life.

Denise Rachiele


Riley, Isaac, Reginald and Matise









We specialize in only the highest quality, natural human grade foods and treats.


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